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As a design student, we are to present  a designed Thesis submission. The format chosen should be considered in direct relation to the subject  and emphasise the visual aspects of the topic. 

Each fast food restaurant has its own packaging to protect the products. While the primary function of food packaging is to protect the products, the primary function of food packaging design is to attract.

The overall concept of the design is to seek the importance of colour on the packaging of each restaurant. The package is the brand ambassador, meaning that packaging should be able to communicate information about the product accurately, precisely and should be relevant to the target audience. Thus, for the physical artefact, I am to recreate packaging design from the top three fast-food restaurants; McDonald’s, Subway and KFC.


The process chosen to be able to execute the designed version is to use the screen-printing technique in transferring the contents of this paper to the packaging paper and use it as another element of design. This procedure is the most suitable process to transfer a large number of words to an already formed paper.

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